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DIFJ, Inc.

Training and Equipping Leaders for Life
What is TELL & DIFJ?
TELL, a DIFJ, Inc. Ministry, is an organization that trains people for successful living; that equips them with needed tools & skills to that end; that empowers them to lead where they land throughout the world; and that focuses on their life long success.

This global mission statement is our unifying principle, Doing It For Jesus, DIFJ. Everything we do is focused on providing an environment through which God can draw those it comes in contact with closer to Himself. This will be the culture of this ministry from the beginning.  
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TELL will work to teach everyone to submit to the Lordship of Christ and live an abundant life. These value based life skills serve as a framework upon which a successful life can grow and prosper. TELL will also serve as a cutting edge training center employing technology and techniques to provide effective & efficient educational programs.
The “know how” of successful living must be accompanied with the tools to accomplish that objective. TELL will become known as a “one stop” resource organization where these tools can be obtained, accompanied with the proper training and education mentioned above. This training & equipping serves as the primary one-two punch of the organization.
Everyone has the potential to be a leader. They just need the opportunity, the training, and the equipping. In the TELL culture, people will be nurtured with leadership in go out into the world and independently lead by example utilizing the tools acquired while at the Ranch. In effect, God working through them to accomplish His will (Phil 2:13).
The key - enduring life long skills. After interfacing with TELL, everyone will be equipped with life skills and trained how to implement them for the long!
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